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10 Skin Care Slip-Ups You Didn't Know You Were Making

Whether it’s a quick rinse with water before bed or a complex, 10 step ritual morning and night, we all approach skin care a little bit differently. At some point, we’re bound to wonder: am I going about this all wrong?! 

In recent years, it has seemed that more and more people have begun paying better attention to what they’re putting on their skin. With new trends popping up seemingly every week, it can be difficult to keep track of the latest and best ways to achieve glowing, healthy, and youthful looking skin. Additionally, with so many fads, crazes and opinions out there, it can be very tough to know whose advice to follow and which tricks and trends to try.

Of course, with so much misinformation out there, it is also possible to adopt bad habits and to unintentionally sabotage one’s own health, wellness and overall appearance.

In one of our recent blog posts, we discussed the importance of a quality morning and nighttime skin care routine. In our opinion, doing a bit of research and adopting an educated, purposeful and personal approach to skin care is hugely important. Skin care is far from one-size fits all and discovering the ideal way to take care of YOUR skin is a process that may take time but will always yield worthwhile results.

As you continue on your own skin care journey, we’d like to share 10 of the most common skin care slip-ups that we’re ALL guilty of making. Please, take this information into account as you work to develop a routine that’s right for you!

Ignoring Your Neck 
Your neck has thin skin and can age more quickly than other parts of your epidermis. Make sure to keep your neck well hydrated and moist by integrating its care into your regular routine.

Not Moisturizing Oily Skin
It is a common misconception that those with oily skin can pass on moisturizer. Regardless of skin type, moisturizing daily is a must for everyone. Surprisingly enough, those with oilier skin types cannot risk neglecting a moisturizer because their skin will naturally overcompensate the lack of hydration with more oil –leading to more breakouts and uneven skin tone.

Not Changing Your Pillow Case Enough
Another common skin care mishap is not changing your pillowcase often enough. Pillowcases accumulate makeup, residue, and oils which can clog pores over time. Switch your pillowcase out at least once a week, especially if you have acne-prone or oilier skin types. Silk pillowcases are a better alternative to cotton cases because they’re smooth on the skin, lessening the chances of skin irritation.

Eve hansen natural skin care products to make an effective skin care routine.

Falling Asleep With Makeup On
One night, two nights – okay, but avoid making this slip-up a habit! Regularly forgetting to remove your makeup will clog your pores and oil glands, making them appear larger while also contributing to acne and other forms of unwanted irritation.

Over Exfoliating
Tempting, but highly damaging. Exfoliation helps rid the skin of dead cells, paving a clear path for newer, healthier ones to take their place - but be careful to not overdo it. If using a scrub, max out on three times a week as it could become too rough on the skin. Over exfoliation will eat away at your skin’s protective barrier, exposing your skin to harmful environmental toxins and stressors.

Skipping the SPF
Sunscreen isn’t only for summer days at the beach. Good sunscreen defense is the best way to protect skin against premature aging. Wear it every day and look for an SPF of 30 or higher.

Rubbing Products into Skin
One may assume that it’s necessary to really rub our skin care products in our skin in order to see their full effects. This simply isn’t true. Harsh rubbing can severely irritate the skin. Apply products gently with circular, upward strokes and allow time for effective absorption.

Not Applying Products in the correct order
The order of skin care product application really does impact the efficacy of the products. Start with the products with a thinner consistency before the thicker, creamier products. Heavier products block the lighter weight ones from effectively penetrating the skin. The general order of skin care steps is: cleanser, toner, serums, eye gel, creams/moisturizers.

Taking Piping Hot Showers
Sometimes, all we need after a long day is a steaming hot shower to unwind and relax…but this can become problematic for skin. Overly hot showers may strip skin of essential moisture and natural oils, leaving it dehydrated and parched. You can read more about the effects of a hot shower on skin in one of our earlier blog posts.

You’re Still Washing With Bar Soap
Washing your face and body with a bar soap immediately strips the skin of all its moisture and water, leading to a buildup of dead skin cells. Bar soap does not provide necessary exfoliation or hydration, and it could be reversing the positive effects of your skin care products. Additionally, applying moisturizer after cleansing with bar soap is purposeless because it will only cover the damage done by the bar soap – no advancements in the hydration of your skin will be made.

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