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Shower Time Clues

Showering regularly is the obvious approach to good and proper hygiene, but too much showering has severely damaging effects on our skin. The length of our showers is a serious issue to consider when concerned about the health of your skin. After a long day, it is natural to be craving a lengthy 30 minutes of hot water raining down on your stressed out shoulders, but long showers can actually do more harm than good for your skin. The more time that is spent in the shower, the more you are stripping your body of the natural oils it creates to keep your skin from drying out.

The outer layer of our skin's surface is a barrier made of hard, dead skin cells that is held together by lipids (fatty compounds) to help maintain our skin’s moisture. A hot shower with scrubbing and soap damages this outer layer by dissolving the fatty compounds that keep our skin moisturized. Therefore,  the eventual outcome of frequent and long showers is cracked, irritated, flaky and dry skin. The quick fix and perfect balance would be ten to fifteen minute showers with lukewarm water. This will be beneficial for both your hygiene and skin health.

As we age, the oils our body creates naturally decreases so it is essential to incorporate a few fixes into your shower time routine to avoid damaging and drying out your skin. Always remember to keep the water warm instead of hot, use moisturizing body washes instead of bar soaps, and pat dry – don’t scrub – when towel drying. Additionally, be extra cautious of your shower routine when the weather is cold and windy because that is when we need our natural oils the most.

Stay moisturized!

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