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At Eve Hansen we believe that natural beauty products should be attainable by everyone. 

Eve Hansen is a Los Angeles based team of skin care and wellness enthusiasts. Our products are designed to facilitate and inspire a healthy way of life and to provide our friends and customers with safe, quality skin care that can be used with confidence each day.

We are dedicated to our craft and only create the products that we want to use on ourselves and on our families. Our clean, natural and cruelty-free products are uniquely formulated with safe ingredients that effectively treat skin with the love, care and respect it deserves.

We believe in simultaneously helping our customers to look and feel their best while connecting them with something natural, effective, thoughtful and cruelty-free


Our Guiding Principles

  • We will listen to, learn from, and create a seamless experience for our customers. Customers are, after all, at the heart of our story.
  • We will relentlessly work to create honest products our customers want, at an accessible price point without ever sacrificing quality, safety, or performance.
  • We will surround ourselves with a group of passionate, enthusiastic, and curious people. We will empower one another to learn, improve, and inspire.
  • We will measure success by the positive impact we have on those around us, not merely by profits.