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What is Indie Beauty?

Big news! Did you know that recently launched an online “Indie Beauty” store featuring hand-picked, independent beauty brands? We here at Eve Hansen are absolutely thrilled to be one of the featured brands!

You may or may not be familiar with the term, “Indie Beauty.” In light of this recent launch, we thought we would take this opportunity to talk about the ins, outs, and in-betweens of being an indie brand and why we believe that indie brands are a great choice as compared to some of the big names out there.

What does it mean to be an indie beauty brand?

Being an indie brand simply means that it is a business that is independently owned and does not receive any corporately-backed funding.

At its core, indie beauty is a lifestyle and an active community that allows consumers to experience a company’s interests, passions, heart, and morality through original voice and products. Often times, indie companies are born when a founder is driven to address a cause/need that he or she believes in and is passionate about.

Indie beauty companies dedicate extensive time and resources to ensure the quality, sustainability, and long-term value of their products. This includes a careful process of ingredient selection, packaging design, and market messaging that showcase the company’s personality.

Why choose indie brands over big brands?

There is an honesty and transparency with indie beauty brands that is difficult to find with the big-name retailers.  Indie brands are founded upon the idea of fulfilling a specific need. Often driven by passion, indie brands are able to relate to and empathize with their audience. Active listening and implementing consumer feedback is key.

With indie brands, the consumer has a voice and it’s a BIG one! Customer satisfaction is the epicenter of indie companies because they are the reason for the companies’ emergence. In short, indie brands are created by consumers, for consumers. This is essentially why indie companies are able to create authentic stories that customers can identify with, relate to, and believe in. 

Furthermore, indie beauty companies have complete control over ingredient selection and the ingredient harvesting processes in their own products. Driven to address a niche shortcoming in the market, indie companies create close relationships with their product development laboratories to ensure the quality and value of every ingredient found in their product offerings.

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