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What Does Retinol Do For Your Skin, and How Does It Work?

Retinol is an anti-aging cream, moisturizer or serum that is beneficial to the skin. Most people will benefit from using retinol; learning how much you need and how to apply it safely will help determine if this skin treatment will work for you.

How Much To Use

There is no one standard dosage for everyone. Skin types vary greatly; worries about tolerance should be the real concern for new users. Trial and error with different strengths, brands and application methods is the only way to find your proper dosage. Like most medicines, it takes time to find the dosage the works best for your particular skin type. Start small and increase only if needed.

Retinoids cause skin cells to die faster than normal, which makes way for new skin cells to grow. The process increases collagen production which helps even out the skin pigmentation, leaving the skin smooth and soft.

Before you start using retinol you should remember a few things:

  • Your skincare regiment needs to extend beyond retinol.
  • Retinol alone will not give you the healthy skin you are looking for.
  • Use a variety of products that contain skin-restoring ingredients as well as antioxidants.

Buying Retinol

Look for retinol products that contain other ingredients that will benefit the skin. Be sure to check labels for any ingredient that may be an irritant to your skin.

There is a wide variety of retinol moisturizers, creams and serums to choose from. Stay away from those that add fragrance or alcohol; these products may cause adverse reactions in some users, and can worsen any skin problem you are trying to fix.

How Retinol Works

Retinoic acid immediately starts drying out the skin. This leaves the skin flushed as it begins to peel away layers of old skin. Within a few weeks the skin cells begin to adapt to the retonoic acid and any discomfort begins to lessen. If you feel too much pain or discomfort any time during treatment, either find a weaker solution or cut down on using your current product (every other day, or even just once a week.)

How Much To Use

Studies show that a 0.01% concentrated dose of retinol is effective treatment. Dosage may be adjusted as you continue treatment.

Use no more than a pea-size dollop for your whole face. A little goes a long way towards lessening pore size and helping those signs of aging.

Although retinol works wonders on older skin, not everyone can tolerate higher doses. The great news is, most people see significant benefits using low doses every day.

Pair retinol with antioxidants and sunscreen on top of that and you are ready to go out and enjoy the sunshine. Always apply sunscreen when you apply retinol.

Retinol Side Effects

UV sensitivity is a real concern for those who use retinol. As the skin reddens and peels, it absorbs the sun much quicker. This is why sunscreen is a requirement when using retinol.

Prescriptions retinoids are stronger than those found over the counter. Those on prescription medication should take extra precautions outdoors - even on cloudy days - to avoid excess exposure to UV rays.

Advice For Newbies

It is going to take time for your skin to adjust to your retinol treatments. Apply a small amount before bed, applying moisturizer over the retinol. As a first time user, you should start off applying retinol every other night. This should help your skin adjust slowly as it dries, reddens and peels. Remember, it is going to take about 12 weeks before you see any noticeable results. Hang in there and you will be happy you did.

And Finally...

Armed with this knowledge and understanding of retinol, there is nothing holding you back now. The proper retinol treatment plan includes a formula with anti-aging ingredients, purchased in a non-glass, opaque package.

Be sure to always apply sunscreen - rated SPF 30 or higher - in the morning, whether you are going outside or not. Any UV rays coming into your home may cause damage to unprotected skin.

If you're ready to add Retinol to your skincare regiment, get started with our 100% organic retinol serum, available here.

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