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The More (Caffeine) The Merrier!

All Coffee Scrubs seem nearly identical in appearance, texture, and smell; however, the content from scrub to scrub is significantly unique– and that makes all the difference. Typically, the two types of beans that are used to make coffee scrubs are Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica beans are known to have a sweet and soft taste, with sugar, fruit, and berries. These beans are also very high in acidity. Robusta, on the other hand, is harsher, deeper, darker, and has a nutty taste and smell. Deciding which type to use in your regular cup of coffee is strictly a personal preference of taste. However, when deciding which type of coffee bean to use on your skin and body, it is essential to look at the facts, and the fact is that Robusta beans contain TWICE the amount of caffeine! Double the caffeine means you are getting double the benefits for your skin.

As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, caffeine tightens your skin and pores, and provides antioxidants when applied topically. Twice the coffee means twice the fight against loose skin, inflammation, irritation, redness, scars, and cellulite. When caffeine is applied to your skin, it helps break down and redistribute fat cells, thus helping prevent the formation of more cellulite. Also, caffeine aids in the prevention and removal of small varicose veins by helping to shrink blood vessels.

The benefits of caffeine are endless and therefore it is crucial to pay attention to the type of coffee, and caffeine content a scrub contains. A scrub containing Robusta beans will give you significantly tighter pores, reduce the appearance of unwanted cellulite and veins, and may also help reduce bodily acne and other skin irritations.

Ultimately, it is no question why Eve Hansen insists on using highly caffeinated coffee beans in their coffee scrub. In essence, the higher the caffeine, the better your skin will look and feel!

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