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Goodbye Dark Circles!

Every single one of has either suffered from dark circles under our eyes, is suffering from dark circles, or know of someone who has. Dark Circles under the eyes can be a result of one of the following problems:

-Vascular inflammation

-Allergies / nutritional deficiencies that enlarge the blood vessels beneath the thin under eye


-Stress or depression

-Prolonged exposure to sunlight, especially during summer

-Lack of sleep / fatigue


No matter the reason, we can all agree that dark circles have been an enemy of beauty for ages. Unfortunately, dark circles under the eyes are very common, and no number of cosmetics can cover them up completely.  As a result, it is essential to provide your under eye skin with the correct vitamins in order to nurture that area back to health.

One of the greatest tools to help reduce the appearance of dark circles is almond oil. Almond oil is to the skin what food is to our bodies. It is a natural emollient – which means it works wonders for calming and moisturizing the skin – and is so jam-packed with vitamins, that it provides a large amount of nourishment to desired areas.

The vitamins present in almond oil nourishes the skin and the oil itself moisturizes the skin. Not only does it reduce dark circles under the eyes, but it reduces puffiness, redness, and irritation in that area as well. Moisten a cotton ball with almond oil and apply to desired areas. Perform this regularly, and you too will soon be saying “Goodbye Dark Circles”!

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