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Top Benefits Of Rosehip Oil For Your Hair And Skin

Rosehip oil is a natural product which was discovered by Andean Indians of Chile a long time ago. The oil was known to have skin rejuvenation and hair conditioning properties because it’s made up of natural nutrients and vitamins. The oil can be used internally or externally depending with the purpose of its use.

Rosehip is derived from seeds of rose plants that are grown in Chile. This variety of Rose is full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids which help to remove dark spots on your skin, provide nourishing hydration, and combats itchiness, too.

In order to separate the oil from the seeds, a cold-press extraction process is used, which ensures that vitamins, essential oils and antioxidants are not damaged during the extraction process. This final extracted oil contains vitamins E, C, D and B- carotene, which is another form of vitamin A.

Rosehip is commonly used in all types of skins and across many age groups without having any side effects.

Some of its common uses include:

  • Rosehip oil is used in speeding up healing of wounds and burns while still keeping them hydrated. Additionally, the oil reduces stretch marks, scars, hyperpigmentation or age spots too when applied on your skin
  • When applied to your nails, this oils is used to make them strong and hydrated
  • Rosehip oil is used to nourish dry hair preventing dandruff from forming with time
  • Rosehip oil is used to maintain a healthy skin because it contains a lot of vitamins and essential oils necessary
  • It can be used to relieve sunburn or even inflammation when applied on your skin

Benefits of Rosehip oil for face

This oil has antioxidants that are able to penetrate deep into your skin to offer anti-aging benefits to your facial skin. Mainly, vitamin A molecules are small enough to penetrate through your skin to hydrate your skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines found on your skin. According to research, vitamin C antioxidants stimulate production of collagen fibers which plays a role in replacement of dead skin cells.

Benefits of Rosehip oil for skin

This oil hydrates the skin by giving it the required amount of moisture when applied. Also, it has essential fatty acids such as linolenic acid which hydrates and keeps the skin firm. These fatty acids also softens the dry areas of your skin e.g. elbows, knees, soles etc. With a lot of nourishing properties, Rosehip oil is used to treat stretchmarks, darkspots and scars.

Benefits of Rosehip oil for hair

The oil is used in promoting hair growth because it has essential fatty acids which help in repair and renewal of damaged hair follicles to promote growth of healthy hair. The oil also makes your hair strong when applied externally. To achieve good results, you are supposed to leave the oil for about an hour on your hair before shampooing to allow essential oils penetrate into your skin. If you’ve permed colored hair, you can also apply this oil without damaging your hair.

Benefits of Rosehip oil for acne scars

Essential fatty acids found in Rosehip oil promotes production of collagen fibers which are found on the skin. These fibers promotes regeneration of dead cells found on the skin to get rid of scars and eczema effects. Essential fatty acids e.g. emollients improve skin permeability and flexibility making it possible for the skin to repair itself when this oil is used. However, Rosehip oil should be applied directly to an active acne to be effective in reducing acne scars.

How to use Rosehip oil

Here are some tips on how you are supposed to use Rosehip oil:

The oil should be refrigerated or stored in a cool dry place or it would have an odour smell. Also, to keep the oil fresh, you can add pure vitamin E oil to extend Rosehip shelf life

If you want to apply the oil on your skin, you can do it directly as the oil is classified as a dry oil and hence it is easily absorbed by the skin

In case you have an oily skin, you should test Rosehip oil before applying to make sure that you don’t clog your pores. Alternatively, you can seek advice from a dermatologist or any other specialist to know the best course

The oil can be used on brittle hairs or nails. To effectively do this, you can use a cotton pad to apply the oil. Also, you can add a few drops of Rosehip oil to your moisturizer or toner to have a soft skin

Is it safe to use Rosehip oil?

This oil is safe for use but its use should be moderate and dilutions of the oil are recommended to avoid side effects. As a precautionary measure, you are not supposed to ingest this oil if you are not directed by your physician

Although the oil can help in preventing or removing stretchmarks, pregnant and breastfeeding women should seek directions from their doctors to avoid affecting their babies

The oil is not recommended for use to very young children because it may have serious effects on them

Lastly, just like any essential oil, it is recommended you do a skin patch test before using Rosehip oil. This will help you determine if your skin develops an allergic reaction or if the oil has any effect on your skin upon use. Additionally, you can dilute this oil with a safer oil e.g. coconut or olive oil to avoid allergic reactions especially if you’ve a sensitive skin

After reading all of this, you're probably excited about giving rosehip oil a try. With its popular uses for your skin and hair, it's no wonder why it's so widely used.

If you're ready to add rosehip oil to your skincare routine, check out our Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil.

How do you use Rosehip oil? Leave a comment below with your experience.

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