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Ingredient of the Week: Oregano Oil

Scientific Name: Origanum Compactum


Oregano oil is derived from the leaves of the flowering oregano plant species which grow in pollution-free mountainous regions, primarily in Mediterranean countries. Known for centuries as a medicinal oil, oregano oil is favored around the world for its antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. When used in skin care, oil of oregano aids in speeding up the healing of certain skin conditions and rashes.  Oregano Oil’s antibacterial properties help to control and eliminate the spread of bacteria/infections. The natural occurrence of carvacrol in oregano oil helps treat skin concerns including acne, dermatitis, inflammation and other irritants while also promoting a clearer complexion. 

Skin Types:

Oregano’s natural properties make it an effective skin clearing agent that is particularly beneficial for congested and acne prone skin types. Because oregano oil is used to treat inflammatory skin ailments, incorporating it into your skin care routine can also aid in relieving eczema and dermatitis as it works to address the underlying bacteria that may cause these flare ups. While efficient, sensitive skin types may find that the oil’s potency is a bit too harsh for delicate skin. If using oregano as an essential oil, dilution is always recommended ahead of topical use.

Eve Hansen Products that contain this ingredient:

Vitamin C Cleanser

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