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Ingredient Of The Week: Marula Oil

Scientific Name: Sclerocarya Birrea 


Native to southern Africa, Marula oil is known as the elixir of youth because of its renowned anti-aging benefits. The oil is clear and light yellow in color, and has a slightly nutty aroma. In addition to being used for centuries as a natural skin remedy, marula oil’s skin healing properties are being utilized in skin care today.

Marula oil is able to prevent and reverse damage caused by skin aging such as a wrinkles, fine lines, and a dry and dull complexion, due to its composition of essential antioxidants. Additionally, marual oil boosts collagen production in skin, restores suppleness, and strengthen’s skin’s natural ability to renew cells and repair itself because of the Vitamin E, amino acids and flavonoids found in its natural composition. Marula’s unique combination of Vitamin C and monosaturated fatty acids promote skin elasticity and firm skin and helps in reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone and scars.

Skin Types: 

Marula oil’s ultra hydrating yet noncomedogenic quality makes it effective to use on all skin types. The oil’s gentle and nourishing nature also makes it an ideal skin treatment for sensitive skin types.

Eve Hansen Products That Contain This Ingredient: 

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