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Ingredient Of The Week: Grapeseed Oil

Scientific Name:  Vitis Vinifera

Benefits/History: Derived from the pressed seeds of grapes, grapeseed oil is known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. This oil is rich in Vitamins C, D, and E – all which help in tightening the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and scars. In addition to this, the high amounts of Vitamin E and omega fatty acids make grapeseed oil a popular softening and skin repairing agent. Grapeseed oil also supports and strengthens the vitamin e and vitamin c in skin to be more efficient and effective at preventing damage.

Due to the presence of significant anti-aging elements in its natural composition, grapeseed oil has also shown to improve skin’s moisture, softness, and elasticity – the skin’s ability to bounce back – with regular use. 

Grapeseed oil contains a powerful antioxidant called proanthocyanidin. This antioxidant has been known to improve and even out skin tone when it’s used consistently on the skin. The antioxidants found in grapeseed oil also help protect the skin from absorbing the total damage of UV rays, and even reversing the appearance of existing UV damage.

Skin Types: Grapeseed oil is an effective moisturizer that is able to balance both the dry and oily patches on the skin. The vitamins and fatty acids found in the oil make it a wonderful skin emollient (skin soother and softener).  On the other hand, grapeseed oil’s antimicrobial properties enable it to be a useful treatment for acne breakouts as it can penetrate clogged pores and attack the residing bacteria. 

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