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Our skin is responsible for protecting our internal organs from toxins and environmental hazards, and therefore, we in turn must be cautious to not use products on our skin that contain environmental hazards.

Using vegan skincare is the ideal way to keep your skin healthy. Vegan products are animal cruelty free, and therefore are made from gentle ingredients that have already proven to be harmless. Using cruelty free and vegan products are generally better for sensitive skin, and works well for all skin types.

Non-Vegan brands tend to use harsh, artificial, chemical ingredients that may not only potentially bring about numerous health risks, but are more likely to irritate the skin.  The ingredients included in vegan skin care products often include essential oils and plant based ingredients. The closer an ingredient is to its natural state, the healthier it is for human use. Natural ingredients such as these will deeply nourish the skin and will help keep a youthful healthy glow.

In addition to being safer and healthier for skin, vegan products also obtain effective anti-aging benefits. Many of the chemicals and preservatives found in non-vegan products can cause skin to age prematurely and can lead to other skin issues.

Eve Hansen guarantees you the highest quality of eco-conscious and natural skin care products. A proper vegan skin care routine will provide you with all the tools needed for healthy, happy, and youthful looking skin.

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