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A Guide To The Most Popular Essential Oils For Meditation

Meditation is one of the most natural and soothing activities done worldwide. When an individual meditates, they can calm their mind, body, and the spirit - soothing the body both internally and externally. With the use of specific essential oils, meditation sessions can be further enhanced. It's been shown that meditation can lower the heart rate while decreasing the levels of anxiety and stress, however, there are times when the challenging of life's distractions can get in the way. This is when the use of essential oils can come in handy.

With the best essential oils, the advantage of meditation in one's life can be improved. The fragrances of these specific oils are found in almost every culture worldwide. So they've been time tested by all kinds of people from all types of places for hundreds of years.

Best Essential Oils For Meditation

Some of the meditation oils that have been used for this purpose came from religious practices as well as spiritual practices from various cultures in the Eastern and Western part of the world. Every religion has used them. They are aromatics such as incense and aroma therapy, but utilized for sacred rituals and meditative purposes.

Here are the top 10 essential oils that can be used for and during mediation.

  1. Frankincense is a common essential oil which has many calming effects for the physical body and mental body. It can be utilized for stress relief and used as a sleep aid. Another element this oil can be used for is control bleeding, as well as hygienic purposes.
  2. Myrrh is another essential oil which is used for skin health and antiphrastic components. The antibacterial and anticancer use is also effective when using it during the meditation practice.
  3. Cedarwood has been known to cure acne while reducing skin irradiation and also enhancing focus which is utilized during meditation. Cleaning toxins out of the body which help clear out caffeine, alcohol and other chemicals we consume that can make our body intense and hyper. It also helps clean toxins out of your system.
  4. Sandalwood is an antiseptic which people use as a form of a cleaner. The properties it contains helps with the aroma in your home. In return, this is a good cleaning product for cleaning your home. The smell helps those who use it relax.
  5. Vetiver oil is a great way to upgrade and boost the immune system as well as boost the libido. It's also used for healing wounds. This essential oil is utilized for many other relaxing techniques such as healing and soothing the mind when he/she meditates.
  6. Ylang Ylang can relieve the heart from being agitated and reduces blood pressure. This includes nervous palpitations while enhancing other elements in the nervous system thereby taking care of your relaxation techniques as an individual mediates.
  7. Neroli works well for meditation because it helps decrease the blood pressure while regenerating the skin's out layers. It's considered a great essential oil for anti-aging while also helping reduce pain.
  8. Rose is a great essential oil for improving the skin's health while helping smooth and improve the clarity of your skin as well as helping protecting the liver and enhance the libido.
  9. Clary Sage Oil reduces the blood pressure and helps with menstrual problems. Another vital use of the clary sage oil is for those have addition problems such as drugs. Using this while mediating is an essential form of release to the body, mind and spirit.
  10. Jasmine Oil is another booster for the libido. This oil also dims scars and is used as an antiseptic as well.
  11. Sweet Marjoram comes with the enhancements of helping your nervous system and lowers the body aches and pains from fever and colds as well as helps those with asthma.
  12. Bergamot increases blood circulation as well as lowers the pain in the body while also helping individuals with coughs.
  13. Chamomile is a popular essential oil which can relax and reduces the muscles that cause pain such as muscle cramps. It also works well with "dimming" scars and for those with high blood pressure, it lowers blood pressure.

Why Use Meditation Essential Oils

Meditation is a one of the most helpful ways to reduce anxiety, stress, and even depression. Although there are many other benefits from doing meditation, the fact is that it helps us humans get through many health issues. There are various forms of elements used while meditating. You can use essential oils, again, music, aroma therapy and even guided meditation devices.

Essential Oils For Spirituality

Using certain oils are thought to have positive effects on the mind and spirit. They can be created as a blend of oils. Therefore, there are specific intentions that can go through one's mind when using them. They are volatile compounds which are made from specific plants and herbals. In fact, they are used in religious rituals, anointing, spell-crafting, and aromatherapy, amongst other things. Some of those things essential oils are known to bring are success, good fortune, attract spirits, and even love and admiration.

The essential oils which are used for spirituality are used for the support of the physical, emotional and the spiritual transformations of the body's spirit. They are known in the mediation community as some of the most critical of all the oils and it's these seven which are the most popular.
  • Sandalwood essential oils (santalum album) calms and emotionally balances one's mind by relieving the stress as well as making an individual unwind while using it. This oil is also called aloes.
  • Frankincense essential oils (boswellia carteri) is high in the sequiterpenes which is another way of saying that it "eliminates" bad memories; plus, it uplifts the moods and brings the feelings of relaxation. It also helps with look of your skin, making it healthy and vibrant. It's also great for massage therapy and exercise.
  • Galbanum essential oils (ferual gummosis) helps with the opening of communication ties to the creator. With this holy incense, it also helps specifically for mediation and for increasing the awareness of the person using it.
  • Hyssop essential oil (hyssopus officials) is one of those oils that supports an individual's immune system. It's also note that it purifies properties.
  • Spikenar essential oil (nardostachys jatamansi) is known for the use in spirituality and function of the mind as it's soothed by this oil. It's also used as a skin tonic.
  • Myrrh essential oil (commiphora myrrha) is known to be a very powerful antioxidant and supports the skin's health.
  • Myrtle essential oil (myrtus communis) is another oil that is used for the respiratory system while also helping enhance the hair and the skin. It has been reported through scientific research that it's effect on glandular imbalances and is also assists with the meditation and uplifting the spirit.

Essential oils for grounding

When individuals use essential oils for grounding, they tend to do it with oils from tree barks, needles, and even resins from their most natural element. The roots are extracted as well as the rhizomes of herbaceous plants, or herbs.

When it comes to using essential oils for spiritual and grounding uses, many people experience what they refer to as an inner transformation. The body tonic such as ginseng, even nutmeg oil which has a high quality of natural ingredients is considered the "gold of gods" (or a.k.a. essential oils"). In fact, they are more powerful and very effective compared to fresh herbals.

Sacred frankincense versus frankincense

When one compares sacred frankincense versus frankincense, it was known for the ability to promote and support the skin's health. Actually, if used daily, it can become a very calming property for one's skin.

The difference between Frankincense and Sacred Frankincense is the capabilities of the promotion and support of healthy skin. The calming properties are the reason for it's use. In fact, it is known that the Sacred Frankincense has heightened the spiritual awareness, although it's in depth and on a personal level.

There have been reports that the "incense acetate" which is in the Sacred Frankincense works in the brain's ion channels. This is the explanation for the deep connectivity on a spiritual level which it has.

Incense For Meditation

When using the meditation incense, some people prefer the addition as it makes their sessions more effective. The aroma enhances your oils therapeutic properties much more. These clean out the space of the room or the environment. Thus, it becomes a roomful of a state of well-being.

Then you can decide to burn incense when mediating. To ensure the best meditative state with these incense is the consistency. Success is consistent when it comes to meditating. Selecting at least a couple of minutes a day helps. In fact, the meditation purifies the soul and also, when you pick a specific time of the day where you are likely to get distracted.

When you find a good spot to do your mediation, sit comfortably. In fact, keep you back straight up and breathe in deeply. You must put yourself in a relaxed state of mind. With meditative music in the background, chimes, or waterfall sounds, your specific oils being burned, you can get into a meditative state of mind in less then two minutes which is all you need.

To turn off your thoughts, drift off into a deep thought provoking and relax in your own way. If you wear headphones and put on some mediation music, you'll see yourself in a deeper sleep than without. Plus, with the essential oils that you have burned or burn, it helps even more so. Finally, doing this on a daily basis, at the same time every day, will get you in this habit.

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