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Bath Salts : Beads of Magic!

When people think of bath salts, the first things that come to mind are “sweet-smelling” or “pretty”. However, bath salts have many benefits that go beyond how beautiful they are and how good they smell.

For starters, bath salts have many natural minerals and nutrients that work wonders on leaving our skin soft, smooth, and flexible. Bath salts can include the following minerals: magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium. When one takes a bath with bath salts, these minerals seep into the skin, are absorbed into their pores, and deeply purify the skin. Bath salts can improve the skin’s glow, texture, and tone. In addition to improving the softness and radiance of our skin, taking a bath with bath salts will help get rid of the toxins that live in your skin. As the warm water from the bath opens up your pores, the minerals from the salt sink in and cleanse the skin of pollution such as oil and dirt.

The minerals in bath salts not only leave the skin feeling great, but they also leave the person using the salts feeling great during and after their bath! Taking a bath with bath salts leaves a person feeling calm, relaxed, and happy. Bath salts infused with oils such as chamomile and lavender bring feelings of relaxation to the user, and can prepare them to sleep. On the other hand, citrus or green tea bath salts can provide a spark of energy! Over time, regular bath soaks show results of less stress and fatigue, and enhance the look and feel of your skin.

Ultimately, bath salts truly are beautiful and smell delicious, but their real beauty is in how effective they are in improving how we look and feel!

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