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Almond Oil vs Coconut Oil - What To Use, And When?


Natural oils have been used all over the world to enhance beauty and soften skin. Almond and coconut oil are two of the most popular carrier oils. Both oils contain vitamins and minerals that soothe cracked skin and promote hair growth, but they do have some prominent differences.

Read on for a detailed explanation of the differences between almond and coconut oil and how each of them improves one’s skin, hair, and bodily health!

Almond Oil

Before becoming a popular ingredient in beauty products in North America, almond oil was extracted directly from the trees in the Mediterranean and parts of Southeast Asia and used for health and beauty purposes.

Almond oil is effective as a beauty enhancer for the hair, skin and a health agent for the heart because of its unique composition of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin E is found in large quantities in almond oil and is one of the primary ingredients in a lot of popular hair and anti aging skin products because of its ability to lighten dark spots, nourish the skin with antioxidants, and provide a moisture defense. Zinc is another agent that can be found in substantial quantities in this oil and it is known for helping alleviate certain skin conditions such as inflammation and irritation.

Goodbye Dark Circles!

Almond oil is one of the greatest tools to help reduce the appearance of under eye dark circles. Almond oil is to the skin what food is to our bodies. As a natural emollient, this oil is so jam packed with vitamins that it provides a large amount of nourishment and moisture to desired areas. Not only does it reduce dark circles under the eyes, but it reduces puffiness, redness, and irritation in that area as well!

Prevents hair loss

Almond oil is growing in popularity as a treatment to reduce hair loss and even stimulate hair growth.

Almond oil is effective at nourishing and strengthening hair follicles to prevent them from breaking and falling out. The essential vitamins and minerals that are found in the oil promote healthier hair by moisturizing the follicle from root to tip, stimulating the strands so that they become stronger.

As the strands of your hair become stronger by using almond oil, your hair will experience less breakage and damage when it tries to grow. The magnesium found in the oil moisturizes the entire strand of hair and helps thicken it so it maintains its strength as it grows. This results in beautiful thick healthy looking hair.

Eliminates dry scalp

You can say goodbye to those little white flakes of dandruff sitting on your shoulders when you have been using almond oil in your hair. The vitamins found in almond oil act as an anti-inflammatory to reduce any irritation in the scalp that can cause peeling, and it also helps condition the scalp to eliminate flaking. The result is a softer, healthier scalp and no embarrassing flakes on your dark clothes.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has long been used to promote health on the inside of our bodies. Cooking with coconut oil infuses your food with healthy fats and antibodies that can help fight colds. It also contains vitamins and minerals that can give you a much needed energy boost if you are feeling sluggish. Not only is coconut oil good for your insides, but it also does wonders for the outside. When you are purchasing a bottle of coconut oil, it is best to get the brand without any additives in it. The bottle should say “extra-virgin” and only contain the purest of coconut oils so you get the most benefit from it.

Moisturizes and protects your skin

The pure coconut oil will also remove any dirt or bacteria that may have collected on the skin throughout the day. Rub some oil on your body after a long day to get rid of the toxins and also get some deep moisture into your skin. Coconut oil has such a light consistency that it will penetrate deeply into your pores to which is why it is a superior moisturizer. However, those with oilier skin types should use with caution as coconut oil has been reported to clog pores.  


Tames fly-away hair

Rubbing some coconut oil in your hair before you shampoo will condition your hair and give it a lustrous, healthy glow and make it much easier to manage and style. The healthy fats will make the hair a little thicker and heavier so even if you blow dry your hair it will retain the moisture and prevent frizz from occurring due to the heat. This will also protect your hair against humidity which can also cause frizzing in finer hair.

Slows hair loss

Similarly to almond oil, If you suffer from hair loss, then using coconut oil can help reduce the amount of hair you lose every day and also promote new hair growth. The saturated fats found in the oil will condition the scalp which helps promote hair growth and hair thickness.

Slows the aging process of hair

Coconut oil protects your hair from graying as it promotes health and slows down the aging process. It is also excellent at protecting your hair before and after dying it, so your color lasts longer and doesn’t do as much damage to the follicle.

So, Which One Do I Use?

Both oils are very similar in their properties, benefits, and versatility. When it comes to DIY, we recommend using almond oil as the carrier oil base because of its faint and unnoticeable scent.  Additionally, almond oil is more suitable for oilier skin types because it has a lower comedogenic rating than coconut oil.

Whichever oil you decide to use, just make sure you are using the most natural form of that oil for your body. Both almond and coconut oil will protect your skin from harsher chemicals found in some beauty products, so keep an eye out for these skin care gems and enjoy the benefits of natural beauty!


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