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Social Responsibility

1% toward a sustainable planet

We believe that beauty, health, and wellness come from the environment.   Thus the pursuit of environmental sustainability guides our business decisions as we strive to do our part to affect positive change to this big blue planet of ours.   We believe that profit and social responsibility are tightly intertwined together in a good way.

To that end, we take 1% of our profit and donate it to domestic and international environmental groups making a difference in their communities.  We work with green charity organizations such as The Conservation Fund (with projects such as researching sustainable water usage, to programs that offer tools for measuring your carbon dioxide emissions or ways to reduce your emissions) and Ecotrust (which focuses on fresh thinking that creates economic opportunity, social equality, and environmental well-being) to enable lasting change.

Our commitment to a sustainable environment drives us and other likeminded organizations working together on behalf of the planet and tackling exceptional projects in the hope that we will be able to leave a sustainable planet for the generations to come.