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Safe, Kind & Balanced

At Eve Hansen we believe that what you put on your body should be as healthy as what you put in it. It is why we created our skincare company as we wanted to provide non-Toxic skin care products that are SAFE for you to incorporate into your daily beauty routine. To help us get there, we look for the highest quality natural and organic ingredients that Mother Earth provides so that you can use them with confidence and trust that our products won’t harm you or the environment.

We invest time and energy to thoughtfully craft products that are KIND to your body, earth, and animals. That means we avoid using harmful ingredients like parabens, mineral oils, and unhealthy preservatives. And because we think coexisting peacefully with all of the Earth’s animals is the right thing to do, we don’t subject them to cruel product testing or treatment when we create new products.

Life is all about balance.  Too much of this, or too little of that leads to unfortunate things happening.  Its why we strive to create BALANCED skin care products that are both Natural, and deliver the skincare results you desire to reach your beauty goals.