Essential Oil Gift Set

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Essential Oil Gift Set 6 Bottles/10ml each -100% Pure Therapeutic Grade - (Sandalwood, Tea Tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint)

A COLLECTION OF THE BEST OILS – six of the most popular and versatile essential oils.  Each comes with its own therapeutic benefits.  Sandalwood to treat dry skin and dandruff, Tea Tree to fight infections, lavender to soothe cuts and ease PMS, Eucalyptus to stop sniffles, Lemon to get a happy hit, and Peppermint to feel more alert.

100% PURE unfiltered and undiluted essential oils. Nothing added or taken away.  

A PERFECT GIFT SET for someone who is very selective about the quality of his/her essential oils or for someone brand new to the world of essential oils and aroma therapy.  Ideal for use in diffusers, vaporizers, humidifiers or topical use (when mixed with carrier oil).   

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