Organic Coffee Scrub

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Comes in 7 oz / 220 g - premium natural body scrub with organic Robusta Coffee grounds, skin-soothing Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, and Sea Salt. 

DOUBLE THE CAFFEINE – Top body scrub by Eve Hansen smells like a fresh cup of coffee. Made with ROBUSTA beans, containing double the caffeine content, this scrub will look like you brewed a pot in the tub. Double the caffeine means tighter skin, tighter pores and better blood circulation stimulation for you!
  • CELLULITE REMOVER – Unfortunately, cellulite is far too common, and as we age our bodies produce less and less estrogen. Less Estrogen means poor blood circulation, and poor blood circulation allows the formation of cellulite. Caffeine is cellulites #1 enemy because it vamps up blood circulation to unmatched levels.
  • ORGANIC AND POWERFUL EXFOLIATOR – Our 100% organic coffee scrub is a natural and strong exfoliator. Made with coconut oil, this scrub will also deeply moisturize your skin after scrubbing all the dead skin away – Your skin will feel softer than ever!
  • INDULGE YOURSELF – Not only is this coffee scrub amazing for your skin, but it wakes up your senses at the same time. The heavenly smell of coffee in the morning matched with the smoothest skin ever afterwards is EVERYTHING! Money Back Guarantee.
  • SAY GOODBYE to Wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, and more! The antioxidant ingredients in this coffee scrub helps you fight premature skin aging. Caffeine restricts blood vessels, thus reducing skin inflammation and lightening dark circles under eyes.

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